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MOWW membership is open to all federally commissioned, warrant, and flight officers who serve or have served honorably in any branch of the our country's armed services, NOAA (the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration), or Public Health Service.  Hereditary membership is also available.  Chapter membership is open to spouses of MOWW members and honorably discharged veterans of all ranks and their spouses as Auxillary members.  

Our members are called "companions." Most of the West Valley Chapter companions have served in the military in peace times or during WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and more recently, in the Middle East. 

We encourage our members to actively support our programs for youth and the Massing of the Colors, to attend monthly meetings, and to invite potential members.  We also encourage members to "give back" to the organization by serving on the staff, assisting with chapter sponsored events, and attending events hosted by other MOWW chapters. 

We pride ourselves in promoting opportunities to serve. 

The MOWW nationwide is organized into 15 regions.  Our chapter is in Region XIII, which includes AZ, CO, NM, UT, WY, and El Paso, TX.  Each state has a department team.  In Arizona,  we are one of three chapters:  Phoenix #92, Santa Cruz Valley #193, and West Valley #131.

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